Friday, November 26, 2010

Outfit: Sunny Friday







NL black faux leather OTK

Yes it’s sunny up here today. The snow that was promised has yet to put in an appearance which is a little disappointing. It’s cold though – the temperature is forecast not to rise above 3°C in the next five days.

Yesterday my sister and I went to Meadowhall to do our Christmas shopping. I got all but 3 gifts, all of which would have been heavy to carry around and all of which are available locally anyway. I feel quite organised now, but will feel even better when I’ve bought cards and wrap and done some gift wrapping tomorrow. We had a lovely day out and it wasn’t too busy – it pays to go early folks! The Christmas decorations and windows were in full effect, which made the whole experience more enjoyable and we caught sight of exactly what Santa wears under his suit, courtesy of the window at Ted Baker:

Ted Baker Santa

Black shrug – Long Tall Sally
Plaid shirt – Primark
Blue tank – Topshop
Jeans – South at (gifted)
Black OTK boots – New Look
Blue bead bracelet – gifted
Whitby Jet Cross – gifted
Silver and blue bead snowflake earrings – Etsy

Total Est. Cost £74


  1. Lordy, that window display must be quite difficult for parents to explain to their little kids - lol!

  2. lol I know! It was certainly getting a few stares - there was a wind machine and the skirt was blowing up and down. It was pretty funny though!