Saturday, January 08, 2011

New Bag

Ri2K official

Ri2K bag2

Ri2K bag3

Ri2K bag

When I was in the city with my sister last Monday I decided to have a look for a leather cross body bag in the sales. I saw a lovely Betty Jackson one in Debenhams, but it had a zip feature around the edge of it and I thought that would probably snag on my clothes and be really annoying. So we went to TK Maxx and I found this lovely Ri2K bag. I wanted it but it was labelled in Euros (€59.99) so I didn’t know how much it was. I found another bag that I also liked and took that to the till as a back up in case the pound sign had just got switch for a Euro one. I decided that if the UK price was less than £40 I would take it. The lady at the till consulted a conversion table, consulted the girl next to her, and settled on £39.99. I went for it and am now the proud owner of this lovely bag to use as my more casual weekend bag.

It was quite hard to get a good picture with the flash and I could only find a small picture of it online, but I think you can tell how lovely it is.

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