Friday, January 28, 2011

Outfit: Frocking Friday









Blue OTK

It was quite a novelty to be able to plan an outfit for the office today and know I wouldn’t have to worry about being cold all day. Yes folks, I got my car back! I am £800 down thanks to an expensive part and the extortionate level of VAT in this country, but at least my car is drivable without jerking once again.

I definitely need to remember to put a cushion behind me when working from home though. Three days sitting on a dining chair left me with a stiff lower back, but that was eased yesterday with a cushion and a hot water bottle.

I have had an ongoing saga all week trying to get hold of the final piece for my 30 for 30 items (more details on that story next week) but that looks as though it might finally be resolved today. I will be gutted if it doesn’t fit after all this trouble!

It is still cold out but the sun is shining and it’s Friday! I am in my warm cosy office for the first time all week and it’s nice to have seen some other faces today.

Blue cardi – Ethel Austin
Black dress – George at ASDA
Black studded belt – free with some trousers years ago
Black leggings – New Look Tall
Blue boots – eBay
Silver earrings – Dorothy Perkins
Blue chunky bangle – Diamonds & Pearls
Scarf – charity shop
Whitby Jet cross – gifted

Total Est. Cost £66


  1. that's so srylish , nice combination of Blue and black outfits !

  2. Super cute outfit! I am especially loving the accessories...the scarf, paired with the boots, and the rockin' belt. Have a great weekend and glad you got your car back!

  3. great outfit...I think I've admired those fab boots before :)

  4. These shades of cobalt blue are amazing! They look great with your dark hair. Good luck on your 30 for 30!

    Oh, and I love your cat sleeping in the background!