Saturday, April 02, 2011

Vivienne Westwood Anglomania for Melissa Blue Croc Mary Janes


This is the Croco Westwood shoe and is the latest in the popular collaboration line between the Melissa brand and Dame Vivienne Westwood. If you have never tried any of the shoes from this line, I urge you to seek some out as they are fabulous! This pair is a fantastic vibrant royal blue (one of my favourite colours!) and they are a classic Mary Jane style with a twist. The twist being that they are made from plastic, as are all Melissa shoes. That gives them the advantage of being weather proof and let’s face it, if this summer is anything like the last four years, that could prove to be very useful!

The shoes have a 10cm heel (that’s about 4 inches if you’re old-school like I am) and a small platform at the front which will help with the height. The insole is squishy and so provides extra comfort.

These shoes are £170 from Spartoo and might just be going on my birthday wishlist!

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