Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Outfit: Friday




Mustard flats Cherokee

A belated recap as I’ve been away in London for a long weekend with my sister. Friday I ran some errands, did my packing, and re-covered my coffee table (though we don’t need it now as the young man has bought new chairs for the conservatory and it no longer fits) as the imitation leather was chipping off. Here it is, before it goes to the tip:


Also, here’s a sneak peek at something I thrifted on Thursday afternoon:

Cassette skirt

Friday evening I was cooking tea when the oven died. I was watching Neighbours so I only discovered it when I went to stir the pasta bake and found the oven was off. It had tripped out the electric when the element went. Forced to improvise, I put the pasta bake in the microwave and hoped for the best. It cooked fine (and in far less time than it would have taken in the oven) and with a few minutes under the grill to melt some cheese over the top, was delicious.

Grey top – Dorothy Perkins Tall
Jeans – River Island
Yellow flats – Cherokee at Tesco
Green and yellow scarf – so old I can’t remember!

Total Est. Cost £59

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