Friday, August 19, 2011

Outfit: Flats Friday


I am so mad at H&M. They have sold out of the only 2 items I wanted from their fall collection. And one of those things was a pair of thick ribbed tights! How is that possible when it’s only mid-August? H&M, you need to get more stock for your website. Also: reply when someone @’s you on Twitter. All is not yet lost – I will just have to search all the H&M stores I come across until I find the items, but that is like looking for a needle in a haystack, such is the sheer amount of stuff to be found in H&M stores. Gah.


Anyway, long story short, I was forced order the other 3 items on my fall wish list (yes, there were just 5 items on my fall wish list and one of them was tights. You impressed?) and not wait until 1st September as planned, for fear of them selling out. Again, gah. I’ll give New Look a shout out for awesome service here though: I ordered at 2pm yesterday, by 4.30pm had received a shipping confirmation and tracking number. I checked it this morning, fully expecting there to be no details available (it’s HDNL after all) and it said the item was loaded on to the driver’s van at 7.30am this morning. Presumably to be delivered today. Awesome!


Yes this is the same pair of shoes I had on yesterday. Told you they were my favourites. That’s only part of the reason I’m wearing them again though. I’m meeting my friend at dinnertime to walk around the lake near work, so flats were a must and I know this pair doesn’t rub my feet as they’re fabric inside.


This whole outfit is inspired by (read: stolen from) Jill GG of Jill GG’s Good Life for less. She’d paired the same top with shorts but as they weren’t work (or weather – it’s still not that warm here) appropriate, I went for my crops which are a similar colour.

I went to Boxercise last night – I intended to cycle up there but the young man got stuck in traffic (there was an overturned lorry on his route) and was late home, so tea was delay and I only had 15 minutes before the class. And then it started raining heavily so I was glad I’d not got my bike out.

Navy and green stripe top – H&M
Brown crop chinos – New Look Tall
Navy and white stripe flats – New Look
Tan leather belt – River Island
Silver cross necklace – gifted
Silver hoops – gifted

Total Est. Cost £67

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