Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Outfit: Torrential Rain?





Cowboy Boots

So it seems that the forecasters got it wrong. Again. Yesterday the weather map for today showed heavy rain all day. I brought out some boots in preparation, and a sweater as the forecast high wasn’t really all that high, and so far? Nothing. No rain at all. The still have it showing on the map for later on so there’s a chance I’ll get wet when I got buy petrol later on I suppose.



Last night I changed the bed sheets, gathered all the dry washing in from the line, cooked tea, sliced my thumb on a kitchen knife whilst chopping vegetables, made the lunches for today, went to the gym, stewed some apples to go in my porridge at breakfast time, ironed and read some of the September issue of UK Vogue. This evening is panning out to be no less busy. I need to clean the bathroom and vacuum, as we have my sister and her husband coming for tea tomorrow. And there’s an extra drama group committee meeting that was just sprung on us yesterday that I ought to go to. I was planning a quiet evening in as the young man is out on a work do. Ah well.



This sweater is one of my 5 fall purchases. It is fine as it is now, and it will layer up come the colder weather. I bought the size down from what I would usually go for, and it fits perfectly. And it was only a tenner! I have a skirt on order from Long Tall Sally (who have had my order since Thursday evening and so far done nothing with it according to their online tracking) that should go really well with this sweater, it goes great with the skirt I have on today, it will go with denim and I have a pair of brown cord trousers – I think, I’m sure I didn’t get rid of them – that it will also pair with.

Tan sweater – New Look Tall
Brown denim skirt – John Rocha (Debenhams) (charity shop)
Brown cowboy boots – New Look
Silver hoops – gifted
Brown necklace – Scope

Total Est. Cost £66

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  1. Love these glasses on you - they make a real change from your plastic frames. They should see the light of day much more often IMHO!