Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Outfit: Shoeper Challenge #78 and Yet More Rain






Neola Red-Black

So, guess what? It’s windy and rainy out today. Again. Still, that means I can get on with saving some boots and I’m motoring through this week. The intention is to save a pair every day, but we’ll see whether that is possible considering I need to wear my black and white polka dot skirt again tomorrow and I’m not sure any of the boots I have left will go with it.


I’m thinking of growing out my fringe (bangs). What do you think? I have to decide by Friday as that’s when I’m going for my hair doing.


Last night I went to Aqua Aerobics. I’m not sure what I did right (or wrong), but about half an hour after I got home, I could feel the muscles in my abdomen, and still can this morning. Does that mean it’s working? After the gym I made an apple pie and some custard for dessert. If you are dieting, filo pastry is your friend! It was pretty nice considering it wasn’t made with buttery shortcrust pastry, and there’s plenty left for dessert tonight, too.


Tonight is the drama group AGM and I’m thinking of wearing my new stripy sweater as it’s likely to be cold in the church hall (it’s always cold in that church hall). Perhaps I’ll get another pair of boots in too.


These boots were a total bargain in the sale when Allders (a department store) in Leeds with shutting down. They are by Nine West (which I love) and were originally about £135 but I paid £40 I think. I love the shiny leather and the shape of the toe, and I’d really like them in red (I don’t know why I’ve never taken a picture of them and continue to use the red/black stock photo). Something else to add to my eBay wish list!

Black and white stripe dress – River Island
Brown belt – free with a skirt years ago
Brown socks – New Look
Brown leather boots – Nine West (Allders)
Brown and black scarf – mall market stall
Wooden bangles – gifted
Brown necklace – Scope
Silver hoops – gifted

Total Est. Cost £73


  1. let it grow! i'm growing mine out. i found it more versatile when i had long hair all over! i always clip mine back anyway :P

  2. I've been clipping mine back a lot recently (as you can see), which is what made me think I should just grow it out.