Saturday, October 29, 2011

Outfit: Mall Shopping




Matalan red flats

The young man and I went to the mall this morning. We walked around for two hours, bought a case and looked for some trousers for the young man but didn’t find any that fitted him.


After lunch we chilled out for a while, then road our bikes to visit the young man’s parents. We had a cup of tea with them and chatted for a couple of hours, then cycled home. I cooked fish with tomatoes and a cheesy crumb topping, with chips and homemade parsley sauce and we’re just watching the news now, waiting for the item on Jimmy Savile who died today aged 84. I was surprised when I heard. I knew he was old, but he always seemed like one of those people who were never going to die. Which sounds silly, but you know what I mean. He’d seemed old with his white hair my whole life so I suppose I never thought about how old he actually was. I met him once, at a restaurant he used to frequent in Leeds, and when I was little we would often see him jogging near my hometown.


I am also listing some items on eBay which no longer fit me.

Black jacket – Long Tall Sally
Black top – Long Tall Sally
Jeans – Vila (I Am..... boutique)
Wonder Woman belt – River Island
Leopard print scarf – H&M
Silver hoops – gifted

Total Est. Cost £109

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  1. Lovely scarf. And your dinner sounds delicious. But then, how could anything with a crumbly cheese topping not?