Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Outfit: Vintage





Priceless yellow

I got this dress in a charity shop back in March, right as the weather heated up and it was too hot to wear it. But now the temperature is perfect and so it can come out of storage. The label doesn’t give much information as to its origins, it just says 100% Acrylic and Made in England. I would date it as 1980s. It’s in excellent condition, the fabric isn’t pilled at all and the inside is still soft and fluffy (it is made of sweatshirt fabric). I don’t think it photographs very well though – it’s a darker navy than the flash makes it look here, and the fabulous neckline is hidden by my hair!


The belt is vintage as well – it was my mom’s, back in the 1960s I think. I don’t often wear gold but I thought it went well with the dress and the narrow elasticated waistband.


I didn’t make it to the gym last night – I was late home and the young man was late home due to an accident on the motorway (he doesn’t use the motorway, but his work is right by it and any delays on there affect the surrounding roads too). So tea was later than usual and we just had a quiet evening watching Grand Designs.

Navy dress – Vintage (charity shop)
Gold chain belt – Vintage
Navy tights – Falke (Debenhams)
Yellow wedges – Priceless Shoes
Wooden earrings – Dorothy Perkins
Blue bead bracelet – gifted

Total Est. Cost £15.50

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