Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Working At Home

Last night I left the office at 3.30pm. Three hours later, I got home. I stopped off at ASDA on the way and as I was leaving the car park, my car cut out on me and refused to start again. I spent about 10 minutes trying the engine, to no avail, and phoned the RAC. The faulty sensor in my engine had finally given up the ghost and there was nothing the RAC man could do, so he phoned for a tow truck. The tow truck arrived and out climbed my friend’s husband, who I had completely forgotten works for the RAC. It was nice to see a familiar face and he had my car on the back of his truck in no time.

I got home and cooked a sausage casserole, and then had a quiet evening reading a book.

Needless to say I am working from home today, as my car isn’t running. There’s no outfit picture as I am just in skinny jeans, a polo neck and a knee length hooded cardi to keep warm. I put on my EMU boots when I went out at dinnertime because it is cold and damp out and the boots are comfy. I am not trying to make any style statements today.

I am cooking the beef, stilton and Guinness pie today and the filling requires two and a half hours in the oven before it gets anywhere near the pie stage. Tonight I have drama group committee and I’ll be back with an outfit shot tomorrow.

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