Thursday, December 29, 2011

More New Shoes

(NB. This post was scheduled ahead of time so may not make entire sense if I have already worn and blogged some of the shoes I mention.)

When I returned from holiday I had two vouchers to spend from the lovely people at Sarenza. This enabled me to order three pairs of shoes, and they have all now arrived. (Don't worry, I've also put 3 pairs in my eBay pile, so my shoe total has not actually increased that much recently.) I will wear them in due course, as they will all need saving in the Shoeper Challenge (and I’m really not making that any easier for myself, am I?) but I wanted to post about them because, you know, new shoes are exciting.

Silver flats

First up is this pair of silver flats by JB Martin. This is not a brand I had come across before but the shoes seem very well made and have a lovely thick sole, something that is often lacking in flats. I chose these because I had binned my previous pair of silver flats in Australia – they had been worn to death and were scuffed and the sole was splitting from the uppers. The new pair are a fabric upper (lots of protector spray will be needed) with leather linings. I’m sure I will get chance to wear them over the Christmas holidays.

Georgia Rose red and white

Second is a pair of shoes by Georgia Rose. They are quite different to anything else I have in my collection, and the white on the uppers might mean they need to be saved for nearer the spring. However, they also feature red and you can’t go wrong with red shoes.

Finally, speaking of red shoes...

LK Bennett Shilo

Following the demise of my first ever pair of red shoes last year, I had been wanting to replace them with a pair in a darker red (I have some bright red heels but sometimes I want a darker shade) so when I spied these beauties by LK Bennett I snapped them up. I have never owned LK Bennett shoes before, but I knew they make larger sizes so I had a look at what was on offer from them. And they are a favourite brand of Princess Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, who walks a lot in them so they must be well made. This pair is patent leather with a leather lining and a leather sole and they are sure to come in over Christmas, being such a perfect shade for the season.

The parcel that went missing last week contained the LK Bennett shoes and I have to commend Sarenza’s customer services because one message to them on Twitter and they were straight on the case. Sarenza are definitely a company who understand social media and know how to use it successfully.


  1. Ohhh the black & white pair are gorgeous, they remind me of Bloch ballet flats. Unfortunately, these are out of stock in my size (not that the bank balance could really cope with "another" shoe purchase).

  2. I hope those LK Bennett heels turn up. They are divine!

    Happy New Year!

    The Vintage Huntress

  3. Thank you!

    And yes, the LK Bennett pair turned up eventually. I'll be saving them very soon!