Thursday, December 15, 2011

Outfit: Party Time!




Irregular Choice Flick Flack

Since the beginning of the year I have been trying to ensure I wear everything in my wardrobe. I have been keeping track by turning the hangers around the other way once an item has been worn. This dress was one of the few things left with the hanger not turned around so I had to give it an outing before the end of the year. There are only a couple of other items left – my super warm grey sweater dress, a grey wool skirt and some grey wool pants. I’ll have to work those in next week as I don’t want to part with them (and that was the rule when I started – use it or lose it). I added festive green/teal tights and a belt, and my H&M leopard print scarf (although I didn’t get a picture wearing that).

It was white over at home this morning when I got up. Usually this would be enough to make me consider working from home, but as we’re having the office party this afternoon (a festive buffet and drinks) I had to make the effort and go in really.

Do you ever wonder what a blogger’s voice sounds like? I do. Some people make videos so you know exactly what they sound like, but I would feel like a right idiot talking to the camera, so you’ll have to settle for me telling you that I have a Yorkshire accent. If I was actually speaking to you in person I would tell you that it was why-t’ovver at home this morning – we don’t much care for the word ‘the’ up here and it gets dropped for just the t’ sound more often than not.


Last night my sister and I went to the mall and it was quite successful. It seemed busy in the main part, but the shops themselves weren’t too bad and we didn’t really have to queue anywhere. I got most of my pressies, found a pair of jeans for my sister to buy me for Christmas (and they were a size 10 – I’ve never worn size 10 jeans in my life – score!) and decided what else I needed to order online. I have one more thing to buy today (as they didn’t have it at the branch of the store in the mall so I’ll try one near work) and then I think I’m about done. I just need the tree and decorations out of the loft, and to wrap everything up.

This evening the young man is going out so I am going to catch up on some of my festive viewing, namely Love Actually. I usually watch it five weeks to Christmas, but as I was sunning myself in Oz at that point, I missed out on it this year.

Black dress – Long Tall Sally
Teal tights – c/o Tightsplease
Black and white shoes – Irregular Choice (c/o Sarenza)
Teal belt – Claire’s
Teal necklace – Scope
Silver snowflake earrings – Funky Junk Jewellery

Total Est. Cost £61

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