Thursday, February 23, 2012

Thursday Latelies (in Text Form)

My weekly (well that’s the intention anyway) list of things I’ve been enjoying this week.

  • Pancakes – OK, this first one is a bit of a cheat as I am yet to enjoy my pancakes. I love pancakes and make either the fluffy American kind which I eat with butter (well, low fat spread), or the thin crèpe-y kind which I eat with chocolate spread. I can’t decide which I want to make tonight!

  • Crumpets – by far the best thing on the WW Filling and Healthy list and I have been eating loads of them recently. They’re just so more-ish and delicious.

  • My car getting fixed – I was so worried they were going to write my car off as uneconomical to repair, and I would be forced to buy a new one in the next couple of weeks. I am thinking of getting a new car in the next few months, but not, you know, next week.

  • LK Bennett shoes – My new favourite shoe brand and a currently eBay-stalking obsession. Kate Middleton favours the brand and I can see why – the shoes are well made, comfortable (for the height of the heels) and very chic. They’re just so expensive to buy new – hence the eBay stalking.

  • eBay – See above, and also the awesome market for Tall items. Plus you can sell your unwanted items and make a bit of cash to buy new things!

  • Lunchtime coffee dates with my friend – this particular friend and I used to work together, so would spend all day every day in each other’s company. I miss her and we now meet for a lunchtime coffee on an ish-weekly basis which is fab.


  1. I am so frustrated by eBay at the moment. I keep missing out on things by a few pence.....

  2. Me too! But I think it's good to set a limit and not carry on bidding above it. Not that I always do that of course...