Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Outfit: Charity Dress Down Day





Priceless yellow

It’s Wednesday, I’m in jeans! We’re having a dress down day at work in aid of someone raising money for the Alzheimer’s Society so most people are in jeans today. I did get asked whether shorts were allowed (they are, but only if they’re knee length) but the forecast was for it to be cooler today so not many took that option.


Last night I went to step class and it was hard work! It felt extra warm outside when we were finished, coming out of an air conditioned studio and into the summer heat. I went home, took a shower, then had some strawberries whilst watching Myth Busters and then the 1970s family programme. The 1970s thing became a case of who could shout ‘my mum has that!’ at the TV the most times (me) as we spotted various items from our childhoods, and in some cases that our parents still own. Last week on the 1960s programme they were using my grandma’s plates (Mom – the ones with the blue and black snowflake things around the edge).


Tonight we were thinking of having a(nother) barbeque, but it looks as though it will be cloudy and possibly not so warm, so it’ll be tea as usual then a quiet night in I think.

Pink jacket – Long Tall Sally (eBay)
Pink tank – gifted
Jeans – New Look
Yellow wedges – Priceless Shoes
Pink necklace – gifted
Pink bracelet – gifted
Silver hoops – gifted
Yellow belt – charity shop

Total Est. Cost £37

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