Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Outfit: Leopard Print and Fab Shoes





LK Bennett Maddox coral

“It’s raining again. Oh no, my love’s at an end. Oh no, it’s raining again...”

So, it’s another lovely summer’s morning here in the frozen north – forecast highs of just 15°C and heavy rain heading our way. What more could we want from July?


Last night I went to the gym and did Bokwa which was a new one on me. It’s described as ‘an intense cardio workout combining elements of African Dance, capoeira, kickboxing, light-boxing and step’ and is the next big thing (like Zumba was the next big thing a couple of years ago). My regular Zumba teacher is off for a couple of weeks and the chap filling in for her doesn’t do Zumba so Bokwa it is. I quite enjoyed it, but there were only about six moves the whole class so I was a bit bored. I’ll go again next week though, then it’s back to Zumba the week after. I stayed for the Body Con class which followed then went home and enjoyed my delicious hot pot from the slow cooker.


Before the gym I made a batch of Hot Chocolate and Banana Brownies, a recipe I got from the WW website. Basically you use a low fat hot chocolate powder rather than cocoa and put mashed bananas in rather than margarine or butter. You were supposed to use only egg whites (which are 0 points) and beat them fluffy and fold them in. I don’t like wasting egg yolks though so I put 3 whole eggs in rather than 5 egg whites. I don’t think the brownies were as light as they should have been because of this, but they taste good and for only 1point per square (egg yolks are free on F&H) I’m not complaining. Next time I’ll try separating the eggs and beating the whites to make them fluffy, whilst mixing the yolks in as normal.


Tonight I’m off to step class and then I have no other plans.

Leopard print cardi – Primark (eBay)
Brown top – H&M
Tan and black skirt – Long Tall Sally
Orange wedges – LK Bennett (c/o Sarenza)
Wooden heart necklace – Scope
Wood bangles – gifted
Brown metal bangles – Dorothy Perkins
Brown belt – free with a dress
Silver hoops – gifted

Total Est. Cost £69


  1. Really unexpected combination in colors! It should works great. Every passer-by must look back at you )))

  2. Thank you. I did get asked that day whether I plan my outfits in advance (which I do, the night before) as I always manage to look fabulous.