Monday, July 23, 2012

Outfit: Summer At Last?




Atelier Mercadal leopard courts

Clear blue skies. Sunshine. Warm temperatures. Is this what summer is supposed to look like? The weekend has been warm and sunny, and it hasn’t rained since Friday. This is progress for the UK, believe me!

Wanting to make the most of the good weather we headed out early(ish) on Saturday morning to go to Masham Steam Rally. It wasn’t as big as the one we’d been to before in Pickering (though I suspect that one was cancelled due to the weather this year) but it was good nonetheless and we spent about an hour and a half wandering around looking at all the vintage cars (some of which were new during my childhood – does that make me officially old?!) and listening to the steam organs playing their fairground-style music. Afterwards we went into Masham itself and had a walk around the town and a look at the market. Next we headed to Bedale and had some lunch in the sunshine in a pub beer garden – something we’ve done about twice so far this year.


We’d decided to have a barbeque for tea so we set off back after lunch and chilled out in the garden for a while before lighting up. We’d bought some sausages and beef burgers in the butcher’s in Masham which the young man cooked for himself – I stuck to chicken and Quorn sausages in order to be more WW friendly. It’s quite easy to keep the points low at a barbeque – chicken breast is always a good option and I had slices of bread rather than rolls and didn’t feel deprived at all. We spent the rest of the evening watching Indiana Jones and then The Happening on TV.

Sunday morning I was on Sunday school duty again and fortunately we are now onto our summer rota where the kids just play games rather than have an actual lesson. I say fortunately because there were two christenings taking place yesterday morning and so there were about three times as many children as we would usually have.


When I got home I had some dinner then washed my car. We spent the afternoon lazing in the sun in the back garden then had another barbeque for tea. I made a quiche for my lunches today and tomorrow and did some ironing whilst watching a programme about the greatest bits of the past Olympics on BBC3. It’s fair to say that the BBC is a little Olympics obsessed right now.

Today I am wearing a vintage dress I didn’t think I’d get to wear on its own again this year as it hasn’t been warm enough for short sleeves recently. I thought it would only come out again with a long sleeve top and tights underneath it (you can’t really put anything over it – look at those sleeves!).  This is what summer dressing should be about: dress, shoes, belt, done.

Tonight I have my usual Zumba class and I’m going to go to something called Core Fitness before it rather than Body Conditioning after it in the hopes of getting home (and getting my tea) a little earlier!

Navy dress – vintage
Leopard print shoes – Atelier Mercadel (c/o Sarenza)
Red belt – Next
Navy heart necklace – Scope
Silver hoops – gifted
Blue bangle – Diamonds and pearls

Total Est. Cost £23

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