Monday, July 30, 2012

Weekend Recap

Well that was a busy weekend! I think I need another day off to relax now. Friday afternoon I went to the hairdressers and got my hair cut. I’ve had some shorter layers put in but until I stop being so lazy and actually make the effort to do a proper blow dry with my Babyliss Big Hair I don’t think you can really tell. However, it looked ace when it had been professionally blow dried on Friday.

Friday night we watched the Opening Ceremony of the Olympics, along with most of the rest of the country I think. I was on Twitter and Facebook whilst watching and everyone else on there was watching too. We thoroughly enjoyed the first part and I learned a lot when the national teams started parading in. For instance, who knew there were that many countries that start with the letter B?! I had to Google several of them to find out where they were!

Saturday morning I had a couple of errands to run in the village, then went home for some lunch and then we went cycling. We were out for about 4 hours and racked up 20.68 miles. I could hardly move my legs to turn the pedals by the time we got home, but it was worth it as it earned me a whopping 14 activity points. We ended up on the canal side and had a drink at a pub there before heading back along the towpath. Saturday night we stayed in and watched Doc Hollywood on TV.

Sunday morning we were up bright and early and headed off to Crich Tramway Village to meet my sister and her family for the Mini Meet that was on. My sister and her husband own a classic Mini and there were probably around 100-150 of the cars there yesterday. We had a picnic lunch on the grass then the young man and my brother-in-law went to drive the Mini in the parade. It’s quite a sight seeing all the Minis driving up and down the main street, horns blaring and someone was playing ‘Self Preservation Society’ (from the original Italian Job movie). We were lucky with the weather and other than a few spots of rain it stayed dry.

We had an ice cream from the ice cream parlour and after all the cycling on Saturday I had no hesitation in indulging in a chocolate chip cone with a flake. We all watched the second parade and then rounded off the day with a drink in the pub. When we got home last night I put on a load of washing, made the tea, made the lunches for today and did some ironing. Hence why I could have done with another day off today!

Sunday’s outfit:
Grey check jacket – Topshop Tall (eBay)
Red and white stripe top – H&M
Jeans – New Look
Black trainers – Fit Flop (c/o Fitness Footwear)
Sunglasses – Claire’s

Total Est. Cost £57

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