Monday, October 22, 2012

Comments...Blogger Got Hungry

It looks as though Blogger ate some of my comments over the weekend so if you left a comment and it's not there, that will be why.  Please know that I really appreciate all your comments and I love reading them!


  1. I did wonder! My iPhone doesn't like your authorisation thing to prove I'm not a robot, it takes a lot of tapping to get the words to come out and as for the just hates them plus I can't read a lot of them and have to keep asking for a new code! Ergo I tend not to leave you a comment as it's too damn hard on the iPhone. I'm on the PC now so hopefully it works.

    Anyway my comment was clearly eaten, I think your hair looked really pretty Thursday and Friday with the wavy ends :-)

  2. Ah, I don't have an iPhone so I didn't know it caused a problem. I've disabled the verification for now so I'll see how I go on spam levels. I'll have to put it back on if I get a lot of spam.

    And thank you for the comments about my hair.

  3. Testing if it's any easier in my phone now... ;-)