Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Outfit: Shoeper Challenge #71 and Happy Halloween!




Next Black

It’s Halloween and we dressed up in aid of charity at work today. We all made a donation to the Salvation Army and some people made quite a lot of effort with their costumes. Not wanting to buy anything I worked with what I had (the witches hat was 50p in Tesco about 4 years ago) and paired striped socks and the hat with a black dress to quite a convincing effect. It also meant that I could remove the hat at lunchtime and look relatively sane when I went for a walk.


Last night I went to step class and burnt off a load of calories (I hope – it earned me 7 activity points at any rate), then watched Mythbusters and drank tea.



These boots were bought many, many years ago from the Next Directory. It must be pre-2002 as I was still living at home. They were £54.99 I seem to recall and they’re still going strong after all this time.

Black knitted dress – Long Tall Sally
Purple and black stripe socks – market stall
Purple belt – Ethel Austin
Hobnail black boots – Next
Purple and silver necklace – gifted
Silver earrings – gifted
Black and silver bracelets – gifted
Witches hat – Tesco

Total Est. Cost £113

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  1. Totally adorable!! I have been behind in checking out all your awesome outfits - but I'll get caught up soon. Happy November 1!