Monday, November 12, 2012

Weekend Recap

As you know I was working from home on Friday. This was because we were heading off straight from work to visit some friends in Reading for the weekend. We met them in a pub as arrange on Friday evening and had a meal there. We went back to their house and had a few drinks and chatted until the early hours.

Canada Geese on the river at Henley

Henley Parish Church (Dusty Springfield is buried here)

Saturday morning we went to visit Henley on Thames. We had a walk along the river and then tea and scones in a little coffee shop. We went for a walk around the town (and went in the teddy bear shop!) and called for a couple of drinks in Hotel du Vin. Then we headed back to a cheaper pub for a couple more drinks. Our friend had put a stew in the slow cooker in the morning so when we got back we had that for tea, followed by some homemade Yorkshire Parkin that I’d taken down and some custard. The young man and I had taken some fireworks down too so we let those off in the back yard after tea, then played some Just Dance and ten pin bowling on the Wii. I didn’t have a Mii created on our friends’ Wii so I had to assume the alter-ego of ‘Claire’. ‘Claire’ is right handed (I am left handed) and it turns out she is pretty good at bowling, beating all the boys in the first game and coming second in the second game.

What I wore on Saturday

Henley Town Hall

Sunday morning we had a leisurely cooked breakfast and read the papers, then it was time for us to head home. I cooked a joint of beef for tea when we got back and caught up on some washing and things.

Saturday’s outfit:
Black faux leather jacket – Topshop Tall
Red and white striped top – H&M
Scarf – H&M
Black beret – Tesco
Jeans – River Island
Walking boots – Merrell (c/o Fitness Footwear)

Total Est. Cost £125

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  1. Reading is fifteen minutes up the road from me! Hope you had an ok journey down, I hate using the motorways on a Friday. Hotel du Vin is divine isn't it, I haven't been to the Henley one but six or seven of the others :)