Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Outfit: Festival Service






Sunday morning was the annual Nativity Service at church. In the time honoured tradition of church Christmas plays there were old curtains and tea towels galore in the costumes. My friend’s mum writes the script every year and I don’t know how she manages to come up with something different each time. The choir were singing a couple of pieces and I was the only alto which made it all the more interesting. We muddled through though and then in the afternoon my sister and niece came to visit. We baked a chocolate cake and I’d done a chicken in the slow cooker so we had that for tea.

Red dress – Vintage
Red sweater – Long Tall Sally
Grey tights – Tesco?
Teal boots – Faith
Santa hat earrings – Claire’s (I think, they’re old though so I can’t really remember)

Total Est. Cost £148

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