Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Outfit: Trainers on Tuesday




Esprit Lexa Wedge Trainers

This is something of a departure for me: trainers in the office. Such a rebel, I know. But I really wanted to give these a wearing before I start the 30x30 tomorrow (list of items coming later today!) and am restricted in my footwear choices. And yes, I could have put them with jeans at the weekend, but I wanted to challenge myself to style them a little differently.


I think I am most excited by the fact that these trainers have Velcro fastenings. When I was a child I always had abnormally large feet due to my height, and so the cutesy little girl trainers that had Velcro on them never fitted me. It was lace ups all the way for me, and by the time I was about 12 I had to wear mens’ styles as ladies’ only went up to a size 7. Thank goodness for enlightenment in the footwear industry that they now make women’s shoes in a size 8 and beyond!


Last night I went to the gym and spent time on the cross trainer and the treadmill. I am trying to get back into using the equipment because over the past year I’ve just been going to classes. I did find out that my Monday night abs class has been re-instated though so I’ll have to see whether I can fit that in again. I distracted myself from the fact that I was exercising by watching half of Coronation Street via the subtitles and with my mp3 player on, so that was an interesting combination. Add to the fact that I only recognise a handful of characters and had no idea what was going on as I don’t usually watch Corrie and it was very distracting indeed!

Black polo neck sweater – Long Tall Sally
Black skirt – Long Tall Sally (eBay)
Black tights – H&M
Burgundy wedge trainers – Esprit (c/o Sarenza)
Leopard print scarf – H&M
Silver and cream beads – New Look
Silver hoops – gifted

Total Est. Cost £72

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