Thursday, February 14, 2013

Outfit: 30x30 Day 16, Outfit 16




Deichmann Janet D Brogue

So the snow. It came. There was pretty much a blizzard between 10am and 4pm resulting in less snow than you’d think, but somehow the roads got chaotic anyway. I think there were a few accidents and a few abandoned cars but the upshot was that the whole of Leeds and much of Bradford ground to a complete halt. It took some of my co-workers between 2 and 4 hours to do journeys that usually take 35 minutes to just over an hour. I am lucky that my sister lives just across the road from my office and is still on maternity leave. I went to her house (after wheel spinning in the car park when I moved my car so it didn’t get locked in) and ended up staying there until after 8pm. Radio Leeds was still reporting long traffic jams at that point (and bear in mind that many people left work around 3pm when it was still snowing heavily) but I managed to avoid the worst of it and got home without incident. I do love the snow, but I am about done with it for this year. Spring cannot arrive soon enough now.


Anyway, I went to my sister’s and we made pancakes. She didn’t have any flour so we couldn’t have real pancakes but we did make the banana version which I saw on Credit Crunch Chic’s blog last week and had been meaning to try. Basically you mash a banana, mix it with a beaten egg (we used 2 eggs as the banana was quite big) and then make pancakes with it. They obviously taste banana-y but the consistency is just like a real pancake but much healthier. Check out the recipe!

Navy cardi – Next Tall
Turquoise top – Long Tall Sally
Navy cords – Long Tall Sally
Tan brogues – c/o Deichmann Shoes
Blue beads – gifted
Silver hoops – gifted

Total Est. Cost £78

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