Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Outfit: Denim Dress, Boucle Biker, Neon Shoes




LK Bennett Maddox coral

May 1st! How did that come around so quickly? That’s a third of 2013 gone already. And I’m still not used to writing 2013: I wanted to put 2012 just then.


So can we just go ahead and agree that these shoes are practically neon? They’re probably the closest thing I’m going to get to the neon trend anyway. Much as I’d like a pair of fluorescent yellow pumps, I don’t see the look lasting beyond this summer so I’m not going to buy any.


Last night I tied the kitchen a bit when I got in. Then I made tea and went off to step class. When I got home I took a shower and read some of Vogue magazine. We started watching an episode of Lost (Jim Robinson: stop attempting a British accent. You can’t pull it off) but then the young man’s mate phoned so that was the end of that.

Denim dress – Debenhams (similar)
Grey knit biker jacket – Warehouse
Black leggings – New Look Tall
Black leather belt – local boutique
Orange wedges – LK Bennett (c/o Sarenza)
Silver hoops – Claire’s

Total Est. Cost £106


  1. I'm not a huge neon fan either and don't own anything neon but I'm hoping to pick up Boden's silver Sorrento sandals at some point which have a hint of neon yellow. Very pretty but not overpowering. Neon yellow just reminds me of all the high-viz clothes I have to wear for running in the winter!

  2. I had neon stuff last time around (except back then we called it luminous) so I'm not that bothered about it this time around. And I tend to associate it with the Bermuda shorts and bright shoe laces I had in about 1989.