Monday, July 08, 2013

Weekend Recap (and Saturday’s Outfit)



NL Pewter jewel sandals

This weekend has been wall to wall sunshine and I’ve loved it! We started it off with a barbeque on Friday tea time which is always fun.

Saturday morning I did a few chores, walked to the village for some lipbalm with sunscreen and some stronger antihistamines than I was already taking, and then the young man’s parents called round. We sat in the back garden with them for a while, then had some dinner. I walked from our local town to the bike shop in the next town over in the afternoon, then did a spot of sunbathing (with my factor 30 on, naturally – you don’t get a complexion this pasty white without it!) in the garden. I put my shorts on when I got back from the village in the morning and kept them on all day so these outfit pictures are a bit of a cheat as I only wore the jeans for a couple of hours. We had another barbeque that evening.


Sunday morning the young man headed off to meet a friend for a day’s cycling, and my sister and niece came to visit me. We spent the morning on a blanket in the back garden (my niece will quite happily walk barefoot on grass but try to make her sit on it and she will cry) playing with toys and a giant bubble wand. Then my niece took a nap so we moved inside and had some dinner.


We took a walk to the park in the afternoon and my niece spent some time happily attempting play equipment that was far too big for her, then we found some shade under a tree and had ice cream.

When we got back my niece was asleep in her pushchair and when she woke up she seemed hot and a bit irritable so we put a bowl of cold water on the lawn and a towel for her to sit on (see: won’t sit on grass, above) and put her set of multicoloured beakers in the bowl. She had a lovely time splashing about and soaked herself, me and my sister.

The young man came home, my sister and niece went home and we spent the evening watching Ocean’s Eleven as the Love Film servers were down and we couldn’t get This Life.

Navy top – H&M
Crop distressed jeans – New Look
Pewter jewelled sandals – New Look
Navy heart necklace – Scope
Sunglasses – Claire’s

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