Saturday, August 24, 2013

Hot Picks From Silver Tree!

Who knew that Vivienne Westwood did jewellery as well as all the awesome clothes and shoes? Not me, that’s for sure. Until recently anyway, when I was invited to check out Silver Tree. Silver Tree is a jewellery store based in Lancaster which sells jewellery by many designers, including Vivienne Westwood.

I’ve picked out a few of my favourite pieces from the site, the first of which is this stunning blue (my favourite colour) necklace. It is the shape of the orb which adorns many of Westwood’s shoes (especially those in the Melissa collaboration line) on a pretty chain.

Rose gold watches are a favourite of many bloggers, and I think this one is particularly pretty. Again, it’s by Vivienne Westwood and I really like the square shape and the jewel encrusted face. It also comes in a silver colour which would probably fit better with my wardrobe.

Another brand stocked by Silver Tree is Chlobo, one I wasn’t familiar with until now. They specialise in little charm bracelets and I was instantly drawn to this one with music notes on it. When I was at school I had a pair of earrings I wore for all the orchestra and choir concerts (yes, I was a band geek at school and proud!), one of which was a treble clef and the other was a pair of quavers as seen on this bracelet. This really reminds me of those earrings and I think it’s a subtle way to display an interest in music.

At first glance this looks like a bracelet, but it’s actually a ring. Chlobo have several rings and necklaces in their collection, in addition to the bracelets. I very nearly bought a ring similar to this when I was looking for a new silver ring earlier this year. This ring is really pretty and I would wear this as an everyday piece because it’s so simple.

All the jewellery pieces featured are available from Silver Tree which offers free UK shipping and free international shipping on orders over £100.

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