Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Outfit: Shoeper Challenge 2013/14 Save 9 | The First Boots of the Season





OK, OK, I will grant you: it’s not really cold enough for boots just yet. But hear me out. I really like the look of boots with dresses/skirts and bare legs (nude tights). However, once it gets properly cold enough for boots it’s too cold for bare legs (nude tights). So I thought why not make the most of this in-between weather and put on some boots without thick tights?



When I pulled out these boots last night, it occurred to me that come November I will have had them for 10 years. 10 years! That was some 2003 money well spent right there. I got these boots when my friend S and I took a trip to New York. We spent ages in Century 21 and these lovely leather boots were all I bought in there that day. The heels are high but the comfort levels are surprisingly good, and consequently they come out year after year.


Last night I had to venture to the depths of Beeston to do a favour for my mom. Beeston is not a part of Leeds I ever go to and I was convinced I was going to get lost as it’s one of those places with rows and rows of terraced streets that all have the same first part of their name, followed by Road, Street, Grove, Place, Parade, Avenue, Drive, and every other synonym for ‘street’ you can think of. However, I made it out unscathed and went off to my gym class. I was hoping to do the Body Attack class again that I’d done last week, but on arrival I found the time had been changed and it now didn’t finish until 6.30pm which is later than I wanted to stay. But there is also an abs class at the same time so I gave that a go instead. I think I will stick with that as the time suits me better.

Black cardi – New Look Tall
Black and cream stripe dress – charity shop
Blue glitter belt – H&M (sale)
Black leather boots – Arturo Chiang (Century 21)
Blue/pink/black leopard print scarf – ASOS
Silver hoops – gifted

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  1. Wow. Ten years has to be close to some kind of record. Today's outfit is fantastic and I'm glad you made good use of the in-between-seasons weather opportunity.

  2. Now Beeston I know thanks to LUFC! Elland Road is in front of all those terraced houses :-D