Friday, October 25, 2013

Outfit: Polka Dots on Boots and Jeans (Oh, and New Hair!)




Irregular Choice Baby Beauty

Happy Friday y’all! Can we just pretend that it’s not dark and rainy today? Autumn, you know I love you but I could really do with less of this rain and fog you’ve been bringing us lately.


I got my hair done last night (which you will already know if you follow me on Instagram (and if you don’t follow me on Instagram: why not? The link is below)) and by some miracle it wasn’t raining or windy when I left the salon so my fancy blow dry has remained pretty much intact for today. Which is good as I’m going out tonight. Here’s what it looked like last night, before I slept on it:


As you can see I’ve had some more highlights put in which have lightened it considerably and I’ve had about an inch taken of the ends as they were getting really dry.


So, on to my outfit. I thought spots on spots would be fun so I went with it. And a plain black sweater to balance out the prints. The booties came c/o Sarenza and they are one of the few places that stock Irregular Choice in a 42 and a 43 if you take a larger shoe size.

Black sweater – New Look Tall
Polka dot jeans – Long Tall Sally (eBay)
Black and white polka dot booties – Irregular Choice (c/o Sarenza)
Teal jewel necklace – Scope
Teal beads – Primark
Silver hoops – gifted
Wonder Woman belt – River Island

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