Monday, November 04, 2013

Outfit: How To Wear Black and Navy Together



Georgia Rose red booties

So it’s Monday, again, and winter has arrived here in the Frozen North. It was just 1°C when I set off this morning and we had the first frost of the season. I forgot how much fun it is scraping my car before 7am. Very good November, you’ve made your point. Now can you go away again please? To make my journey even more exciting this morning the council had decided not to bother gritting the roads making one fairly steep hill nice and slippery and testing my skills of slowing down on my gears. Well done Leeds City Council.



I have on my Primark Super Cosy fleece lined tights today and seriously, if you don’t have any of these go and buy some. They’re the best invention ever! I put them with a navy dress and yes, it’s fine to wear black with navy but you have to look like you mean it. And by that mean wear something else in the accent colour so it doesn’t look like you wore black tights with a navy dress, or vice versa, by accident. That’s where my sweater comes in. Well, that and it’s keeping me warm by adding an extra layer.


No shoe saves today, but I did bin a pair of boots yesterday, decreasing my total by one. For the past couple of years I’ve kept my trusty New Look cowboy boots under my desk at work to wear at dinner time to walk up to the shops. They were super comfy (and waterproof as they weren’t leather) but all that walking has taken its toll and they were leaking at the toes and the heels were worn down beyond repair.

Navy dress – Next Tall
Black polo neck – Long Tall Sally
Black tights – Primark
Red suede booties – Georgia Rose (c/o Sarenza)
Red beads – Claire’s

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  1. "but you have to look like you mean it" - Love it!!! I love navy and black together.

  2. Thank you! And me too, it's my favourite combination of neutrals.

  3. I adore black with navy together, and I think your choice of red accents is perfect!