Sunday, April 27, 2014

This Week...

Way, way back (many centuries ago) I used to have a regular (ish) feature about things I had been enjoying that week.  This had a couple of incarnations - the Things I'm... Loving/Not Loving column, and the Thursday Latelies feature.  I'm rehashing the feature again and hope to feature one item each week that I have been enjoying.  I will try to make this a weekly feature but I make no promises that that will actually happen!

So, this week, the ModiFace Hair Colour app. Upload a photo to the app, outline your hair and then change the colour to see what you'd look like as a blonde, brunette or redhead.  I had a play about with it and created a little collage (using the Photo Grid app, which I also find very useful).  

Which hair colour do you think suits me best?


  1. Either of the bottom two for sure!

  2. This is great! My husband and I were just talking about this last week when I said "How do you think I'd look with black hair?" I will download it today.

    And I think you were meant for Red Hair!

  3. I kinda like the blonde version, it softens your facial bones and goes with your tan colour

  4. I've never gone really red - perhaps I'll have to try that sometime.

  5. Thank you. Blonde is not something I've ever considered. The colour of my hair right now is the lightest I've ever gone.

  6. Thank you! I've never gone really red but I do like how it looks here.

  7. Those are the ones closest to my natural colour...

  8. They all look nice though, so hey why not try what makes you happy.

  9. 1. Red! Wow very striking and flattering!
    2. Tied between black and the light brown (larger pic on right)
    3. next would be the darker brown on botton left
    4. the blonde does not look right to me - but blondes are very tricky, you can get a slightly different shade, and it can look great w/your complexion, or awful! I'd like to see warm light brunette with blonde highlights as an alternative?

    But yeah, I immediately was drawn to the red! Now I'm going to see what everyone else thought below...
    hmm looks like a variety of opinions. :)