Saturday, May 31, 2014

A (Bank Holi)Day In Photos

Several of you said you liked this kind of post the last time I did one, so with a bank holiday to myself I set about recording this past Monday in photos.


It started with a cup of tea (actually, several cups of tea truth be told). And yes, my mug does match my tea cosy.


These mugs were both presents – anyone would think that I like shoes and shopping...


I was given this make up palette for my birthday and I absolutely love it! There will be a blog post on it at some point in the next few weeks.




I curled my hair with my Babyliss curling wand – I find this clamp-less style of wand much easier to use than the traditional curling tongs.


It was actually a sunny day, so sunglasses were a must! (


I headed into Leeds to see what was happening. Millennium Square was pretty quiet but doesn’t the Civic Hall look lovely in the sunshine?


The Merrion Centre was 50 years old on Monday. There was a supposed to be a party going on but when I was there it was just a girl singing to a few passers-by.


I did get a free bun though, which is always a bonus!


The Merrion Centre freaks me out because behind that innocuous looking row of cash machines is the entrance to an abandoned cinema.


In a nice twist to the tale of the cinema, they have turned on of the vacant units into a mini cinema for the next month. They had just opened the door when I took this picture and there was no line so I probably could have gone in, but Mary Poppins is kind of long and it was the only nice day this week so I gave it a miss.


Apparently we’re getting a Byron Burger – does anyone know what that is?


I went into Waterstones and spent a little time browsing the books.


I walked back to my car past the new Leeds Arena. Dolly Parton is playing there next month and I’m very excited to be going to see her!


I got home and made myself some scrambled eggs and toasted bagels for lunch...


...followed by a cookie that I baked on Saturday.


I caught up with my favourite You Tubers over lunch (Tati)


Then it was time to catch up on some reading.


I did some ironing. I KNOW. So rock and roll.


I scheduled some blog posts.


Sausage, chips, baked beans and gravy for tea!


I rounded off the day by watching Made In Chelsea.

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