Friday, July 25, 2014

Outfit: How To Wear Shorts For Work



Jones Bootmaker red suede flats

I have long been of the opinion that wearing shorts is not much different to wearing a skirt, with far less risk of flashing your undergarments.  So, as long as the dress code is Business Casual, you absolutely can wear shorts to the office.  However, there are a number of rules (or guidelines, if you prefer) that you should stick to.

1. Make sure the shorts are an appropriate length. If you wouldn't wear a mini skirt to work don't wear very short shorts either.  A pair that are just above the knee, like the ones I have on in these pictures is ideal.

2. Keep the rest of the outfit on the smarter side. Were it not so hot in the UK right now I probably would have added a jacket to this ensemble.  However, we are in the middle of a heat wave so a white shirt will have to do.

3. Wear closed toe shoes. Shorts and flip flops or casual sandals say 'day at the beach'. Look like you mean business with your footwear. Were I not spending the day packing boxes in preparation for an office move I would have worn heels. But I was so I didn't.

4. No denim. Even if it is fine to wear a denim skirt in your workplace, denim shorts are not appropriate.
What do you think though? Have you ever worn shorts to the office?

White shirt - Long Tall Sally
Black shorts - Long Tall Sally
Red suede shoes - Jones Bootmaker (sale)
Silver hoops - gifted
Red beads - eBay

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