Sunday, August 10, 2014

This Week...

I have mentioned the Strava app before, but as I’m still loving it I’ll tell you about it again.

The free version (there’s a premium version you can upgrade to but I don’t like paying for apps as I’m cheap) can be set to running (but I use it for walking) or to cycling. It tracks your route via GPS and at the end gives you a whole bunch of stats as well as showing you a map of where you’ve been. I particularly like that it tells you how long you were actually moving as you earn Weight Watchers activity points for how long you’ve been doing an activity. It will also tell you your average speed, the highest elevation to which you’ve climbed and whether you have achieved your fastest time per mile.

If you enter your age and weight will give you a guide to how many calories you’ve burned. And if anyone else has done part of your route and logged it on Strava it will tell you whether you completed that section faster or slower than them.

Strava is available on iPhone and Android.

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