Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Outfit: Obsessed With This Dress



Georgia Rose red booties

I am obsessed with this dress right now. Two weekends ago I wore it two days running and I would have worn it Sunday too had I not been with the same people and felt it a bit skanky to wear the same dress three days in a row. I don’t even know why I like it so much. I mean, it’s black, it’s shapeless and it wrinkles REALLY easily: three things I would usually steer clear of. But I can’t stop wearing it. On the plus side it’s heavy enough that the wrinkles will pretty much drop out if it’s hung up overnight but the lack of shape makes it completely alien to my usual style. Oh the versatility though. I am loving it at the moment with coloured tights and ankle boots, but come the cold weather I can see it with coloured polo necks underneath it and higher boots.



Anyway, this is what I wore on Monday. I bought a proper poppy pin brooch again this year as I manage to lose a paper poppy after about 5 minutes. The amount of times I have set out to church on Remembrance Sunday with a poppy pinned to my coat and by the time I’ve got there there’s just an empty pin: well, it happens a lot. So last year I bought a pin brooch and didn’t lose it so it seemed like a good idea again this year.

Black dress – c/o La Redoute
Black tights – Primark
Red suede boots – Georgia Rose (c/o Sarenza)
Red beads – Claire’s
Silver and diamante necklace – gifted
Leopard print hoop earrings – gifted
Silver cuff - M&S (free on 3 for 2)

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  1. That dress looks smashing on you! Love it with all the red. : )