Sunday, October 26, 2014

This Week...

I am a big fan of Radio 2. I started listening to it when I was about 19 and fed up of the rubbish they played on Radio 1 (yes I am aware I sound like my dad now...) and the adverts on the commercial stations. It’s pretty much the only station I listen to now (other than BBC Radio Leeds when it snows. Radio Leeds in the snow is awesome – they get a bit silly. One time they played a game called How Deep Is Your Snow, where listeners were encouraged to measure the depth of the snow in their garden with whatever they had to hand - a string of frozen sausages, a fork, a small child - and phone in with the result).  I generally listen to it during the day: in the car on my commute and in the kitchen whilst cooking tea and at weekends. However, the one evening show I will make the effort to listen to (on iPlayer if necessary) is The Music Goes Round on a Friday night. Each week there is a theme and all the music played is based around this theme. This leads to some absolute gems being played, songs you wouldn’t usually hear on the radio these days. For example, the last episode I listened to had the theme of water and the music included Carly Simon’s Let The River Run, Andy Williams’s Moon River and a version of The Water Is Wide. Truly eclectic and truly brilliant.

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