Thursday, January 08, 2015

Weight Watchers: Tips and Tricks for Healthy Eating

(first published on the WW site 25 August 2011)

The thought of ‘going on a diet’ is enough to put anyone off, but that’s what I love about WW. How it’s a diet, but nothing is off limits. The other night I had bacon sandwiches with melted cheese for my tea. Doesn’t sound like diet food does it? Since starting WW I have been buying thin cut bacon rather than the thick cut I am rather partial to, mean I can still have bacon but the PP value is lower per rasher. I use half fat cheese now rather than the full fat stuff. And I substitute margarine on my sandwiches for Dairylea Light – you can have much more of that for 1PP than you can even light marg.

I use smaller slices of bread for sandwiches now, rather than chunky bread rolls, and couscous is far lower in PP than potatoes or pasta or rice if you need to bulk out a meal. Plus, a 50g (2PP serving) is absolutely loads!

For me my WW journey has also been about breaking habits. Snacking on fruit rather than Mini Cheddars or biscuits. Chocolate croissants (10 PP y’all!) once every 3 weeks or so, rather than several times a week. Resisting the lure of the new Krispy Kreme less than five minutes from my house. Being able to say no to that biscuit with your cup of tea because the thought that it will push you over your daily points is ever-present.

I do think the weekly points are a godsend though. You can eat out once a week and not worry about it. You can go over your daily points if you really want to and not worry about it. And despite these indulgences you can still lose weight. I was away this past weekend and we had dinner and tea out on Saturday (and I ate an enormous pizza on Saturday night), and then our hosts cooked a roast on Sunday (although as it was mid-afternoon it became dinner and tea combined) and I STILL managed to lose 3lbs this week (I weighed in this morning). If I had known WW was this flexible now, I would have joined months ago.

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