Monday, February 23, 2015

Review: Straight’n’Go

Last week I was sent a new product to try out: a Straight’n’Go. It’s basically a ceramic coated, double sided hair brush that you use in conjunction with a hairdryer to pull your hair straight as you dry it.

The Straight’n’Go comes with a little travel pouch and instructions on how to use it.

As you can see, it’s kind of the same shape as a flat iron but it has brush bristles. You pull it though your hair as you would a flat iron (as I’m kind of demoing below) but at the same time you direct your hair dryer at the vents in the brush (which I’m not demoing below as I had my phone in one hand to take the photo!).

It works pretty well and I think you could definitely pack it for a weekend away and use it with the hotel’s hairdryer to save packing your own heated tools.

The Straight’n’Go comes in black or hot pink, and costs just £9.99. You can buy it here.

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