Thursday, May 28, 2015

Bessie the Bus – Oasis’s Travelling Fashion Bus

One afternoon last week I needed some toothpaste and shampoo, so I stopped off at the large Boots on the retail park on the way home. Imagine my surprise to see a large, pink bus parked up in the car park:

On further investigation it turned out to be a sort of ‘pop up’ Oasis store – called Bessie the Bus. Bessie is a fully functioning Oasis store that is travelling the country and setting up shop (as it were) in places where there isn’t a branch of Oasis close by. The nearest ones to where I spotted Bessie are about 20-30 minutes drive away so the retail park is the ideal location as the high street stores permanently located there attract many, many shoppers. Bessie was on site for three days before travelling on elsewhere.



The lady I spoke to on the bus said that they had been travelling around for the past 9 months or so, and you can click here to see whether she will be anywhere near you in the coming months.

Formerly a mobile library that had been abandoned, the bus has been transformed into a miniature store, complete with fitting rooms. The inside is kitted out with hanging rails, shelves and a kitchen area – that houses more clothing and accessories!




I think this is a really novel idea and will certainly generate interest in the brand. Look out for Bessie at various events around the country this summer!


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  1. Sounds like a great idea, shame it doesn't look like it's coming to Scarborough. :-(

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