Monday, July 18, 2016

Outfit; July 12th - Red Jacket, Snakeskin Shoes





Blink snakeskin flats

I went to visit my friend S in Bristol the second weekend in July and we my have done a little shopping. I don't usually find any shoes that fit me in TK Maxx (they have a habit of labelling US size 9s as UK size 9s which is just depressing) so when I found this pair of snakeskin flats I was very excited. They tick all the boxes for everything I look for in a shoe right now: flat (walking to work), pointed toe, and straps (I am finding flats way easier to walk in if they are attached to my foot in some way, either with straps or laces). So I had to snap them up. They are by the brand Blink (which I have previously only seen in Brantano, so they're not high end or anything) but that meant they weren't expensive.

I am loving easy, stretchy dresses this summer so that was the obvious choice for showing off my lovely shoes. It wasn't very warm last week, thank to a lovely northerly wind, so I added a jacket too.

Jacket - Episode (charity shop)
Dress - Dorothy Perkins Tall
Shoes - Blink (TK Maxx)
Necklace - Claires

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