Saturday, October 01, 2016

Outfit: September 22nd – Transitioning a Summer Dress to Fall








If you’re not quite ready to give up your summer items yet, that’s OK. The cost per wear of this t shirt dress must be in pence by now (it only cost £6 to start with) and as it’s pretty much black I figured I could get in at least one more wear of it before the real autumn wear set in. Pairing it with booties and a scarf (especially a scarf in an autumnal hue) makes it immediately less ‘summer’ and more inter-seasonal.

We call it autumn, the US call it fall, but did you know that until 1500, autumn was called "harvest" in Britain? And that Britons only adopted the French word "automne" in the 18th century? And for anyone thinking that 'fall' is an Americanism - it isn't. The word "fall"– short for "falling of the leaf" – was used in the 17th century throughout Britain.

Dress – Primark
Scarf – River Island (sale)
Boots – F+F at Tesco (sale)

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