Friday, March 17, 2017

Outfit: March 9th – Lace Up Shoes









Some mornings I will try on a couple of different shoes with an outfit, to see which ones will work best. This was one of those days and it was a toss-up between the lace up flats I have on, and my white trainer/pumps (fake Converse from Primark). I tried the white pumps on and I freaking loved the look, but decided that ultimately the shoes were more office appropriate and less likely to get dirty as it had been raining in the early morning and the ground outside was still wet. I will definitely be returning to this outfit with the white pumps though. Probably next week.

My hair was third day and behaving extremely well. I brushed out the previous days curls, straightened out the overnight kinks with my flat iron (I’d slept with a ponytail in), applied a little dry shampoo to the roots and then used what I have decided is my holy grail hair product: Wella’s Gel Styler from the Shockwaves range. It’s a hairspray but it’s a liquid gel that is a million times better for holding my hair in place than any regular hairspray I’ve ever tried. It is the ONLY thing that will hold a curl in my hair, it seems to give me more wave/curl than I think I’ve created when I spray it onto my hair and now I’ve written this they’ll probably discontinue it. Hey ho.

Sweater – Primark
Trousers – Next
Shoes – Primark
Necklace – Primark (via charity shop)

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