Friday, November 21, 2008

An Open Letter Zara

Dear Zara
When you first opened in the UK, I had such high hopes. I saw you as Gap’s Spanish cousin, there were pieces to be had at bargain prices and best of all, your trousers came in super long lengths. But then, slowly, your sizing became erratic and your trouser legs got so narrow I could no longer squeeze my averaged-size 14 legs into them. So come on Zara, sort it out. Widen the thighs on your trousers – most British women do not look like Kate Moss. And please, let’s lose the S/M/L sizing system for something we can actually understand, such as European sizes rather than Mexican ones. Also, if you are going to mark up the prices when you convert from Euros into Bristish pounds, take the time to print a new tag and don’t just stick a label with the Bristish price over the European one. We will peel it off and not be happy when we see the difference. Just saying.


  1. Too damn right! Ridiculous sizes, ridiculous pricing. Shoes are alright though.

  2. Agree on the lazy price tag business - although living Ireland it is often a Euro sticker slapped over the sterling price. Biggest and therefore most annoying offender? M&S - no wonder folks are travelling to NI to make the most of the bargains. Take away the "mark-up" for the Irish market, add in the favourable currency exchange rate and woohoo.....used to be food and drink, but now we can get the same kinds of deals on clothes and housewares.....when's the next train to Belfast? :)

  3. D&P: I can never find shoes over a 7 in there.

    Ruby: That must be a nightmare!