Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Outfit: Travelling Scarf Part 2

Firstly: I love these jeans! They are the second of my new pairs. Expect to see them a lot in the coming days and weeks.
Second: here’s my casual outfit incorporating the travelling scarf. It was choir practice last night as it always is on a Monday so the scarf helped keep me warm when the church got a little cool towards the end of the evening.
Third: Who says cheap tops don’t last? I must have had this red cami for around 9 years now. I wash it inside out so while the inside has faded, the right side has kept its colour pretty well and it hasn’t shrunk or stretched. I think I paid about £5 for it in New Look.

Blue cardi – Ethel Austin
Red cami – New Look
Jeans – River Island
Yellow shoes – Cherokee at Tesco
Blue glitter belt – H&M
Scarf – Kimberly’s Travelling Scarf

Total Est. Cost £58

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