Thursday, July 16, 2009

Review: Sketchers Shape-Ups


I am not usually a trainer-wearing girl but when I was offered the chance to try out some Sketchers Shape Ups trainers, how could I refuse? With the promise that they will tone up your legs whilst you walk in them, they are set to be huge this summer. Sketchers Shape Ups UK availability is at Fitness Footwear where they are retailing for £89.95 and as always, UK delivery is free.

The trainers come in a variety of styles and colours. I chose the blue & silver ones (I replaced the white laces with the spare blues set included in the box to make them a little less white). There is an instruction leaflet and DVD included with your purchase to show you exactly how to walk in them for the best results. Skechers Shape Ups have undergone a clinical case study to become officially certified fitness shoes with rapid results. Click here to view the study.

So if, like me, you are too lazy for the gym these could be for you. I tried my pair out last week and they are so comfortable. I walked up to the local retail park with the young man. It is a fairly steady uphill climb all the way and I could definitely feel it in my legs when we got home. I am looking forward to wearing these shoes each time I walk somewhere and they might even convert me into a trainer wearing girl after all.


  1. Be careful though. The study showed that 2 of the 10 women became pregnant.

    This means that Skechers Shape Ups have a 20% chance of impregnation!


  2. What a great idea, sound like my type of trainers!
    I've seen some 'fit flops' at my local gym, similar sort of thing I guess, make you walk slightly differently using some extra muscles!

  3. interesting. any idea if they're available in the US?

  4. Adam - don't believe statistics - they're not always right!

    Shopaholic - yes they are the same concept as Fit Flops but more suitable for year round wear in the cold rainy UK.

    Thrifty Stylist - Check out the links but I think Fitness Footwear ship to the US. And if not, Shape Ups are definitely available over there, I've seen ads in US magazines for them I'm sure.

  5. no ankle support. broke my ankle with them

  6. Yes, they're available in the US. Got mine 2 weeks ago and LOVE LOVE them!! already can feel the difference in my behind and calves. Well worth the $100 I paid for them.