Monday, August 31, 2009


Given that I am often so meticulous in planning my outfits, you’d think that I’d love packing. It’s just planning a whole load of outfits in one go, right? Wrong. I hate packing. Hate it with a vengeance. For a start, how am I supposed to know what I will feel like wearing several days in advance? Let alone what the whimsical weather will be doing. Sometimes I take the time to write out actual planned outfits. Often times? Not so much. This time I have taken the approach of just throwing in a load of items that will all co-ordinate with each other and hoping for the best. I’ll report back next week as to whether that works or not!

So, why am I packing? Well, we’ve finally got ourselves in gear and booked a few days away in London. And then we’re heading to Bournemouth for the weekend with some friends. There are posts scheduled for the rest of the week so you’ll still have something to read, and I’ll catch up with outfit posts when I get back.

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  1. My packing style is to pack more than i need and see what takes my fancy on any given day because no matter how often i plan outfits in advance, i never end up having the right clothes...