Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sunday - Warning: This Post May Make You Hungry!

Matalan leopard slippers

No outfit picture again today – sorry! I’m just in jeans and a stripey long sleeve t so nothing exciting anyway. And I’ve spent the whole day in my leopard print slippers so far, as I’ve not been out anywhere except the garden. So instead of fashion, here are some foodie pictures. This is the flapjack I made yesterday, and covered with Galaxy chocolate:


It’s delish – as you can tell we’d already sampled it and there’s even less left now! I used the recipe from the Ladybird book called We Can Cook. I've had it years - since I was a child and it still comes in handy for making all sorts of basic things. My sister had a Ladybird book called Cooking (which she still uses for a shortbread recipe). At the start of each set of instructions it always said 'Wash your hands and put on an apron'. I thought of that this morning as I washed my hands and put on my apron!

And this is the Dorset apple cake I made this morning:

Dorest apple cake

I’ve never made one of these before and I don’t ever bake cakes of any type (though strangely, I do own two cake tins). My friend S is from Dorset and when I stayed at her parents house for Pack Monday Fair (no, I’m not even going to attempt to begin to explain that one – click the link) five years ago, her dad had baked a Dorset apple cake and it was delicious. I was talking to S on the phone the other night and she mentioned she was going home for Pack Monday and said me & the young man should go down next year. I said what a good idea and to tell her dad to make some of that delicious apple cake again. And then the following day I Googled for a receipe and decided to make some for myself. I used this recipe because the cake in the picture looked like the one S’s dad made, and it didn’t have anything too complicated in the ingredients. We’ve just had a slice each and it’s turned out great. I’ll definitely be making it again.

The young man is pottering in the garden, trying to dig up a tree. I have spent most of the afternoon drinking tea and watching episodes of The Flying Doctors. We have no plans for this evening.

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