Saturday, September 26, 2009


No outfit shot today – I didn’t get round to taking one this morning and by the time I got home this afternoon my hair was too much of a mess.

The young man & I went to our local town this morning – him to get his hair cut and me to pick up my boots from the cobbler and do the Tesco shopping. We returned home and I made leek & potato soup for dinner. My sister was shopping at the mall nearby so she dropped in to have dinner with us.

This afternoon the young man & I went for a walk through the local wood and sat in the sunshine at a pub having drinks. It was a lovely warm sunny day today – possibly one of the last ones we will have this year.

I just wore a black t shirt with ‘Shopaholic’ spelled out in diamantes on the front, jeans and my leopard print flats this morning. This afternoon I changed to my Merrell walking boots.

I made flapjack whilst I was cooking tea, so I'm just going to go put some chocolate on the top of it now.

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