Saturday, October 03, 2009

Outfit: Saturday




Caterpillar Anna - Peanut

I have had quite a busy day today. The indicator light on my car stopped working the other day, so first thing I went outside to change the bulb. It turned out that the shop had given me the wrong bulb yesterday so I had to go back and change it. Once I had the right bulb it was an easy job to put it in – despite the Force 10 gales we seem to be having at the moment.

I was planning to just walk to the village to get some bits to make soup for dinner, but by the time I had listed everything I needed, it was as easy to go to Tesco and do the main weekly shop, which I did.

I made the soup and pegged some washing on the line, putting in extra pegs so that the wind wouldn’t blow it away.

This afternoon I baked chocolate brownies and an apple cake and as I made flapjack on Thursday, we are well stocked up with home baking this week.

Grey sweatshirt – Next Tall (eBay)
Denim skirt – Matalan
Black leggings – New Look Tall
Brown Caterpillar boots – Fitness Footwear (gifted)

Total Est. Cost £33

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