Friday, October 02, 2009

Outfit: New Jacket






Do you like my new jacket? Isn’t it gorgeous? I spotted it for just £6 in a charity shop on Wednesday afternoon. I went in because a dress in the window caught my eye but on closer inspection wasn’t the right size. I had a poke about the shop and saw this blue velvet on the jackets rail. I pulled it out and as it was marked a 14, tried it on. The sleeves were fairly long anyway, but I noticed they had been taken up. I knew that once they were let out again they would be the perfect length – and they are. I tried it on again at home and decided that it was a bit big. Rather than paying for it taking in, I thought I’d attempt it myself and I think I’ve done quite a good job considering I’ve never taken anything in before in my life.

The brand of the jacket is Cielo which I had not heard of before. A quick Google search reveals it to be a store selling European clothing in San Francisco. appears to have a few items from the brand too. A well travelled jacket, and I got 2 compliments on it before 9.30am!

So I added in some red accessories and Bob’s my father*, I have an outfit.

Blue velvet jacket – Cielo (charity shop)
White top – Tall Girls
Jeans – Topshop Tall
Red shoes – Next
Red beads – eBay
Blue scarf – Dorothy Perkins

Total Est. Cost £51

*My dad’s name really is Bob so saying “Bob’s your uncle” is fairly pointless when I know that he isn't.


  1. Great jacket, the colour really suits you. It reminded me of the YLB range @ wallis.

  2. It is a nice jacket, but the very thought of putting my arms in it makes my blood run cold! I HATE the feel of Velvet!

  3. Thank you.

    Someone else has mentioned the YLB Wallis range today too.

    And Aimee, I'm so glad I don't have your phobia of velvet! I'm loving this jacket.

  4. that jacket is beyond lovely. the color looks amazing on you!

  5. I love this colour on you and what a great find